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God takes care of the CAN’T, we’re responsible for the CAN — 2 Comments

  1. In the vein of this story — I drove to Denver many years back to meet with a client, only to find the client had an emergency and had been called away. Thus, the check I would have picked up wasn’t there, and I drove home without it. A turn around trip at that time took more than a tank of gas. When I realized I wasn’t going to see the client, I also realized that I only had enough money to get back home. I could either buy dinner and feed the kids, or put gas in the car… I thought about it, and decided to feed the kids something… We went to a dollar menu, everyone had a sandwich and a drink, and at the window, I pulled out what I thought was a $10, but it was $20. I paid for the meal, and we stopped for gas a few miles later on our way home. As I filled the tank, I prayed, “Lord, you know this is the end of the money until I get paid – by someone again, this tank of gas will have to last until I have money to put gas in again…” I knew, it wouldn’t fill the tank, but when I got in the car, the gas gauge registered FULL. 200 miles later, at home, it was still full. Almost four weeks later, when the check came in, the mail, my gas tank still registered full. I decided after going to the bank, to stop and top off the tank… I put $3.20 in my gas tank, the equivalent of a gallon and a half of gas at the time. God takes care of the can’ts. We have to take care of the cans. I believe it’s ALL possible.

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