You’re a Christian, you’re frustrated with what you’re doing, or have an idea to do something different, but you don’t know where to start?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

It does not matter where you are in your life or what you have done, God offers second, third, and even more chances at life and following him.

In most cases God has been preparing you for this moment in your life. You know, “all things work together for good for them that

Just like in math, you don’t get to learn calculus until you learn algebra, and you don’t get to learn algebra until you learn how to multiple, divide, add, and subtract. And you sure can’t learn all of that until you learn your numbers. God wants you to grow, and He has a plan to get you there.

No matter the stage of life you’re in, home schooled, high school, or attending college and you’re looking to apply yourself to something that matters. Or, you’re at a stage later in life and looking to become a startup entrepreneur or even uncover or discover a new talent that you’d like to see if you have the chops for.

Age DemographicsThe Kauffman Foundation has done studies on the numbers of entrepreneurs in America. Here are the demographics of startup entrepreneurs by age, it’s not the “30 under 30,” it’s all over the age range.

So this is the place to start.


Because most of our inspired moments come from short, sequential bursts of inspiration, not one big “AHA” flash of insight.

But whatever you do, do NOT let your God-given moment of inspiration drift away like smoke and collapse under doubt, disbelief, or discouragement from your own self talk or from others.

Act on it now! Even if it’s just to see what can initially become of it.

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Unknown, uncovered or discovered talents or skills

As a baby, you started to crawl, then walked, then finally began to run. Same with any newly discovered or recently dup up skill or talent at any age, you either want to know if you have it or not, or want to improve it. You must take action on your inspiration, otherwise it will vanish into thin air like smoke, never again to be captured.

You ask: Do I have real talent for what I’m about to do? You don’t know until you try it out, and by try, I mean not just once or twice and half heartily, but over a long period of time. I became a writer, not because I love to write, but because I found a way of taking how I think, my various talents, and share what I see with others.

Don’t worry about what the market is looking for at the moment, exercise your new talent chops, i.e. work them out, then as you begin to find out what you’re best at doing, God will lead you to your next steps. That includes bringing others into your life so you don’t do it alone, because we’re a team with the family of God.

Pro 16:3 Commit your works to the LORD And your plans will be established.

Just like exercising builds up your muscles, so does beginning to exercise your new God-given desires and talents. Just starting learning and doing them with no critique on whether or not you’re good at it. The reason why you just starting working on it is because God can’t steer a parked car. Once you begin doing this new thing, God will provide “stepping stones” of opportunities for you as you build your skill set up.

God only steers a moving car

But once you start moving and taking action, then and only then can God begin to steer where you are going.

I started 10 years ago to write my first book. When I announced to my family after working on it for about six months that I was writing it at a family dinner, both my sister and sister-in-law laughed at me.

The real question is this: Not what they thought about it, but what did God think about my new found talent? Actually, He created these talents in me, I needed time and an opportunity to discover, or uncover, them for myself. Much like the parable of the talents, my gold talent needed to be mined and dug up and then put all of my talents to work.

The Marketplace

Once you’ve started down this new road or path and God is steering your car, now it’s up to you to watch what the market is doing regarding this new found desire and talent.

You have found out what you’re good at by doing it over a long period of time.

God has provided you with input from others to see what you’re doing and guiding your efforts.

Now it’s up to you to see what the market needs based on where God is guiding you.

Start testing the market to see what you can charge and earn a living from what you’re learning.

Full time ministry and business

The one thing that most Christians need to understand is that ALL of their talents and skills were designed into them by God from their birth and they’re to use them to their fullest for His glory at whatever stage of life they’re in. For Christians, everyone is in full time ministry, whether they know it or not, because work is worship, and everyone honors God by doing what He created everyone to do.

Since about 80% of His 40+ parables were business topics, and He apprenticed and worked as a “general contractor” from age 12 to age 30, or about 18 years, He is our model in earning money and starting a business using our talents for God.

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Whatever you do, any natural talent and skills you have, whether undiscovered or uncovered, is a strong hint of what you’re to be doing with your life. If you have a great singing voice, that’s a very strong indication you’re to be in music, some where, some how. To do anything else may be soul sucking and dishonor how God created you.

Prov 16:3 Commit your works to the LORD, And your plans will be established.

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