What does Jesus say about business?

Did you know Jesus was in business? Are you a Christian startup entrepreneur? Thought about becoming a Christian entrepreneur? Wanted to start a business honoring Christ? Do you homeschool and want start a home-based business? What does the Bible says about purpose, profit, business, and earthly and heavenly rewards?

Luke 19:13 says, “And he called ten of his slaves, and gave them ten minas (1.25 lbs of gold or other metal, at $1,100.00 an ounce, each gold mina is worth $22,000.00 each) and said to them, ‘Do business with this until I come back.'”

In the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30), do you know what the talent was? Nearly all that I have asked this question know that it’s money, but that’s where their level of knowledge ends, including pastors and clergy. In fact, only one person in all that I have asked knew the amount that a talent was worth. The issue with this: If Christians are ignorant of this significant business fact about the talent, does that not place them at a disadvantage for doing God’s work?

Kevin Cullis

So here’s the answer about the talent.

The talent was the largest currency of the day, up to 200 lbs of gold or silver (See definition II.B.iii, and many others will further try and define what a talent is). That means that if a talent weighed a conservative 75 lbs, at today’s gold prices ($1,100.00 an ounce) one talent would be worth, hold onto your hat, wait for it, you’ve never heard this before…


That means one slave got one talent ($1.32 million), another got two talents ($2.64 million), and the first slave got five talents. What did he get to invest and doubled it for his master? He was given:

$6.6 MILLION DOLLARS to invest and work!

If Jesus talked about this large amount, should not the Body of Christ? Examine how it applies to Christian startup entrepreneurs today? How should we be stewards of this amount?

(If you took the full 200 lbs at $1,100.00 per ounce, one talent would be worth $3.5 MILLION EACH. That means one slave who got five talents received $17.6 MILLION to invest and he doubled it it to $34 MILLION! But that’s for another blog post)

In his new book HWJDB:How Would Jesus Do Business?, Kevin Cullis uncovers that you’ve been designed for 100% chance of success so you can create more wealth and blessings for you, your family, and others for the glory of God. Among the many things you’ll learn in his book:

  • Jesus is the model with nearly two decades as a successful businessman.
  • You can know God’s will for your life, He’s already given you a powerful hint.
  • Like an angel investor on earth, God is YOUR Heavenly Angel Investor!
  • Jesus examines a successful small business and serious wealth—together.
  • And much, much more (like a list of over 75 resources to start now)!


God has designed you and your life such that no one else will ever be born like you and had, have, or will have your life. So as Mel Robbins has stated in her TED Talk, “How to stop screwing yourself over!,” we all need to see ourselves in a better light. But the most important is how God sees each of us. Os Hillman says it correctly:


[When there is] “an unspoken word that says workplace believers are second class citizens spiritually by the words and actions [of others],…we commission missionaries in public services without ever commissioning workplace believers as having equal importance,…and we equate ministry with their activity in the local church, we are saying the rest of the week at work is not ministry.” – What Is Workplace Ministry?

HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business? outlines how God has already given you permission to be who He created you to be, to do the things you’re meant to do, and to leave a legacy of good behind when you leave this earth at His appointed time. But one question remains.

If you were given the abilities and talents to earn $250,000.00 and you earn only $30,000.00, how will God grade your earthly performance with what He has given you?

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