Everyone has a business idea, the most common question after: What do I do next? Starting a business may sound easy – if you have all the necessary details, but in this time and day, you need accurate information to start and a support system to keep your business successful.

HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business?

Bible Secrets for Startups and Entrepreneurs

HWJDB Kevin CullisHave you pondered where to get the money to move your business idea to through the next step toward success. Do you believe there’s enough quality information available to start and make your business successful? Or, have you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars in college courses or on “millionaire systems” only to be left holding their content and no further toward success that God has dreamed for you.

Business startups can be costly, especially applying dated startup content or making bad decisions and your business fails. The costs take a toll and can be devastating. So what can the average, run-of-the-mill person with a business business startup idea do to bring their idea inline with proven success, based on solid, sound, Biblical principles and current startup content?

Start on the right path toward success by understanding how God views the purpose of business, how He has created you, and how you’re to view your talents in light of the business environment.

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