An Author & Speaker, Cullis understands the difficulty of pulling together a complete business profile without a mentor, so he usurps the title and mentors you in growing a captivating, profitable, and power-driven mindset.

Cullis created Fish Tank Startups Workshops to help build confidence, empower entrepreneurs, and grow Christ-Centered businesses in a fallen world through economic tough times, knowing that God’s abundance is our motivation and drive to achieve. God’s provision allows us to use our God given skills and talents to move mountains, or push the rock, to achieve God’s purpose for our lives.

My Story

While I tell you my brief story here, you can find my online resume for Kevin Cullis at LinkedIn.

I graduated from high school and then went into the USAF and spent over four years as a Crew Chief, first on F-4Ds at Hill AFB, UT and then to RAF Alconbury, England on RF-4Cs. From there I transitioned back to Hill AFB, UT was retrained into F-16A/Bs.

I got out and entered and graduated from Weber State College (now University) with a BA in History. I should have changed my major, but going through USAF ROTC I had a deadline to catch to become a USAF Officer. I entered the USAF and became an Aircraft Maintenance Officer. Starting first with F-111Ds at Cannon AFB, NM then from there went to F-15C/Ds at Bitburg AB, Germany. A few weeks before leaving Germany the first Gulf War started. Having had three years of working on F-15s, I would loved to have stayed, but alas, could not. I then transitioned into B-52 and KC-135s at Wurtsmith AFB, MI where I eventually helped closed the base down in 1992 and got out of the Air Force.

When I left the service, I finished my Masters in Administration and then started selling computers, including three years with Apple as a top salesman for my location. I left Apple, and then hit bottom.


Having the faith of a mustard seed. Entering into a very difficult part of our life, I was motivationally empty. Flat, running on fumes from my motivational tank. I was eking along, like when you see a car running out of gas, lurching forward with each last gasp of getting the last bit of gas into the engine. That was where my wife’s and my life were in 2009-12. But it was not until I attended a Christian men’s weekend retreat in the fall of 2014 that I got some clarity concerning this earlier “dark period.” A doctor diagnosed my very good friend Mike’s wife with breast cancer and he told me that Saturday. Praying for Mike, his wife, and their five-year-old little girl the Monday after the retreat I had a “God ping” while specifically praying for them. It was only then that I fully understood what it means to have the “faith of a mustard seed.”

When physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually “all seems lost” or is overwhelming, picture in your mind holding one, lone mustard seed between your thumb and finger. That one small seed may represent the total of your faith at this very moment or period in life. Hold on, don’t let go. It’s easy to be “faithful” when things are going well, the testing of our faith comes in times of trouble. Many times and in all areas of our lives, and God will use our experiences to bring light to and understand Scripture. Then He reminds us of this later on. No different than being tested in math, english, or gym in school. And just like Job’s HOPE, Hold On Pain Ends, hold onto that one mustard seed of faith until you pass this God test. It was during this “dark period” that I learned from Job’s experience above that not was he being tested, so were his friends. (excerpt from How Would Jesus Do Business?: Bible Secrets for Startups and Entrepreneurs)

It was during the above time that wrote my first book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version taking about five years, but I got it published in 2010. I have since updated it three times. But just as David wrote in his Psalms the pain he went through, so, too, I was able to write through my pain with whatever motivation I had left.

Who I am?

If you haven’t taken the “Strengths Finder” test before, you should, because here are my top five themes:

  1. Analytical – objective, dispassionate, able to see patterns and connections and their affects.
  2. Learner – energized by steady, deliberate journey to competence, thrives in dynamic work environments for short project assignments to learn a lot in a short period of time, but is not the subject expert.
  3. Ideation – fascinated by ideas, always looking for connections, intrigued by disparate phenomena that can be linked by an obscure connection. Love to “connect the dots” of situations. These ideas are profound, novel, and clarifying and sometimes bizarre.
  4. Activator – “When can we start?” Action is the best device for learning. Make a decision, take action, and your next action. You put yourself out there.
  5. Woo – Enjoy the challenge of meeting new people, strangers energize you, love breaking the ice and making a connection. There are no strangers, only friends you have not met yet.

I’m a O47-C58-E79-A63-N22 in the “Big Five” test!!

I’m always looking for new things to apply myself in and making connections.


“A thinker sees his own actions as experiments and questions–as attempts to find out something. Success and failure are for him answers above all” – Fredrich Nietzsche

God has provided “stepping stones” over the last few years, now I’m onto something new He is leading me toward.

So, if you have any questions, feel free to connect and contact me, Kevin Cullis via LinkedIn. Until then, press on.