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Bless others — 2 Comments

  1. I keep reverting from blessings to gratitude. I think there’s a point where you need to appreciate others for the part they play in your life, and acknowledge the importance of their position. Not so much as returning the blessing as it is just appreciating a blessing.

    This concept, of receiving a blessing and giving one back can be an endless accounting of overwhelming proportions, if everyone is keeping track of their blessings. Or we can simply be grateful and pay it forward.

    Out of our gratitude, don’t we automatically pay it forward? And randomly as needed, pay it back?

    • Just posted a video about what this looks like in real time. It’s NOT about an endless accounting of each blessing, but being AWARE that you receive TONS of blessings from others and it’s the sharing back who you receive blessing from that makes a difference.

      Watch the video, then tell me what you think.

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