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Business is like a marriage: Opposites attract — 2 Comments

  1. Depending on how close you are to business associates, the combination of male/female role playing, and relative confusion of interactive roles can play a huge part in the demise of a business relationship. Particularly if you disagree on an issue.

    Oddly enough, very close friendships make for odd partners, both in marriage and in business. However, when you recognize the differences, and allow for those significant factors in communication the relationship can work well. (Both of them.) Often, I find the intrinsic friendships that develop between business associate’s spouses to be just as important as those between partners.

    Communication is key on any front, and the ability to step back and look at the real message matters too.

    Great article! I love the connection to real communication options. Thanks!

    • I was showing the comparison between husbands and wives because “opposites attract,” but the comparison in business is primarily between strengths and weaknesses, between the business and the client. A businesses’ strengths takes care of the weaknesses of the clients.

      Thank for your inputs, they are always valuable.

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