Fish Tank Startups Workshop

Master. Mentors. Marketplace.

Get seriously schooled about your Christian Startup Business

Any Christian in God’s family, no matter who they are, can start a business from scratch by attending the Fish Tank Startups Workshop.

Why? Because it is:

  • Based on Scripture,
  • It’s Sequential, and
  • It’s Service-orientated
Can you answer YES to any of these questions…
  • Do you want to know if God really wants you to be prosperous?
  • Do you struggle with not knowing what to do or what to do next in business?
  • Do you want to work at 50% of what you LOVE than 100% what you dislike?
  • Do you want to significantly INCREASE success BEFORE investing hundreds or THOUSANDS in your business or education?
  • Does your family want to honor God from all your talents to earn and give MORE?
  • Do you want feel free to focus on what you do best and what will keep you IN business and OUT of trouble with others?


if you did, then you need to attend

Special $247 (normally $397)

(Note: Churches wanting to host a workshop for their congregation, contact me (via LinkedIn messaging) for special church hosting pricing! In addition, this workshop for any church will be a Friday night 7-9 PM Fish Tank Startups Workshop Introduction, and an 8 AM – 5 PM Saturday workshop.)

If you said “YES!” to any or all of the questions above, you’re in for a treat! I’ll answer these, and many more questions, during the workshop.

The VALUE of this workshop is well over $500!! This content is UNLIKE anything being offered by any secular or Christian coaching or school course anywhere!

DISCOVER how YOU can unearth and then turn your God-given talents, skills, and experiences from soul-sucking into profit-making by creating your own startup business!

So often I meet people that are in so-so jobs or careers and are not using all of their true God-given talents and spiritual gift as God has outlined their assignment and work and how to use them in the marketplace. They have come to believe that wealth and prosperity are not what God wants for us because of their failures or missed assignments.

But in fact, author Thomas J. Stanley of “The Millionaire Mind” says that 81% of people who own their business do so because they get to use ALL of the talents and skills, just like in the parable of the talents (Matt 25:14-30), the two slaves that “immediately…traded with them” and put each of their number of talents their master gave them to work!

Not any more.

Fish Tank Startup Workshop is here!

To the right is a testimonial from Lt. Col. Del Palazzo, a Marine attending National Defense University.

If that was after a one hour mentoring call, can you imagine what it will be like spending eight hours in the Fish Tank Startup Workshop and walking away with a filled out, ready to use workbook to start your business? Can you imagine what it will be like spending eight hours in the Fish Tank Startup Workshop?

What it’s not:

  • We’re not talking about YABS, Yet Another Bible Study, or discussion
  • We’re not talking about yet another “Christian Leadership Summit” or “Executive Level Leadership” workshop


We’re talking about a full blown FAITH + WORKS Workshop! We’re talking about sparking your startup at the starting line. We’re talking about BIBLE + BUSINESS at this “roll up your sleeves” event. You will walk away with so many Scripture-based content and actionable items that even the charter price is WELL BELOW the value-packed workshop’s worth of over $500!!

Price: $247

(limited seating, valued at over $500!

What you’ll get:

  1. This workshop applies to you, no matter your age, talents, experience, industry, or education.
  2. A Fish Tank Startups Workbook, you’ll walk away with the who, what, when, where, why, and how to do YOUR business.
  3. A full day workshop working alongside other Christians in the same situation, going through the same steps at the same time. You won’t be or feel alone.
  4. Printable To Do worksheets
  5. A workshop follow-up teleconference
  6. A FREE copy of our 20 page Fish Tank Startups Print Newsletter Cornerstone Issue #1, regularly $24.99 a month.



Sign up TODAY for this bootcamp style workshop! It’s about faith + works. Putting our faith to work, not discussing our faith for work!

This what what we WILL BE doing!!