What is Fish Tank Startups?

It’s a takeoff of the startup term and ABC.com’s TV show Shark Tank. But Fish Tank Startups is more about having a Community of Citizens in Commerce, not the “blood and guts” imagery of a worldly business.

Hi, I’m Kevin Cullis, and I’m all about helping others. My book, HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business? offers amazing Scriptures, content, suggestions, and details about how you can be a better business owner applying principles from the Bible and the importance of doing business with a Christ-like spirit than what the world offers.

Did you know that Jesus learned the Jewish Torah, the Christian Old Testament, from age 6 to age 12, but from age 12 to age 30 before He began His ministry, He apprenticed and successfully ran a “general contracting” business? Have you heard about Jesus in business before?

I want you to read the book and learn all there is to know about business from the HWJDB perspective, but there’s more… I want to know how I can help you. Better yet, take this workshop:

Fish Tank Startups Workshop

If you need a speaker for your event, maybe a study guide or someone to bounce ideas off of while you design your startup business, or maybe you just need an hour with someone who understands and can help you move your business from squall to success. Let’s talk.

Leave a message below (mark it private if you want me to answer and not post) and I’ll be happy to get back with you and schedule a consultation, speaking event, or even a group session for coaching and training.


Let’s connect via the Fish Tank Startups Facebook Group. The Facebook public group connects like-minded individuals where we can discuss how our God-given talents can be morally used in the marketplace.

Let’s connect on LinkedIn.

Then let’s talk!



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