Kevin Cullis offers expertise in writing, startups, entrepreneurship, operations, process improvement, and most important, a biblical view of business. As the author of HWJDB How Would Jesus Do Business?, he covers the essentials for anyone thinking about starting, starting, or has started a business with a biblical view.

Few, if any, have covered the issue from a multifaceted perspective, with almost 300 bible verses, about 150 footnotes, and discussing the topics of ethics, economics, and business principles such as marketing, sales, and operations.

What you get when you work with Kevin Cullis

Biblical view of business is his foundation of business.

Here is a short list of where I’ll be speaking at events or doing workshops:

Future Events:

Coming Soon, Fish Tank Startups Workshop.

Past Events:

10 AM on Sep 1, 2017: Lion Chasers with Lonnie Poindexter, you can download the iTunes podcast here when you search for my name or listen online here. “HR2 – Kevin Cullis, author, entrepreneur, and military veteran, and marketing pro Jan Verhoeff join Lonnie to talk about How Would Jesus do Business. Released Sep 01, 2017”

8:30 AM on Aug 10, 2017: Business for Breakfast again with Jimmy Sengenberger on Talk 710 KNUS. It starts here at 8:30 or 29 minutes into the hour

July 15, 2017: Fish Tank Startups Workshop July 15th, 2017

8:30 AM on July 11, 2017: Business for Breakfast with Jimmy Sengenberger on Talk 710 KNUS. It starts here at 8:30 or 30 minutes into the hour