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Wisdom first, work second, then wealth — 2 Comments

  1. Kevin,

    This is really good information, I’m particularly fond of the READ: God’s will, Your work.

    Sometimes as authors, we don’t realize that our readers don’t have access to our basis of information, and we don’t always remember to reference our own citations.

    As much as I believe we eventually “know what we know” I do believe it’s important to give our readers a foundation of our work. You do that really well in your articles.

    Links and background resources can be invaluable to the reader.

    God bless,


  2. Jan,

    Thanks. I work at trying to make sure that when I discuss something that my reader is on the same page as I am, which may require more or background information. I don’t want anyone to be ignorant about an issue or get lost.

    Thanks for your inputs.


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